IELTS is one of the mostly taken and popular English evaluation tests. It is accepted by mostly all the universities across the globe as a language testing tool. It is also accepted by mostly all immigration offices for their various immigration programmes.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is having two modules AT and GT where the former is taken for mostly proving level of English for admissions in universities/colleges and the latter is used as a language testing tool for immigration.

At Jarmar Institute, IELTS coaching is provided by British Council IELTS Trained Trainer. He is recently IDP Trained IELTS Trainer too. The same trainer has been taking care of IELTS coaching for the last 10 years.

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PTE ACADEMIC is the test which is accepted by almost all the universities in Australia as English language test. Since November 2014, it is now accepted for many programmes by Australian Immigration as a language tool for PRICE process.

At Jarmar Institute coaching for PTE Academic has been given since January 2013 by Senior PTE trainer. He is also PTE trained trainer.

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PTE Academic is divided into 4 sections: Speaking, having 5 types of questions; Writing, 2 types of questions; Reading, having 5 different types of questions; and Listening, having 8 different types of questions.

01. Read aloud
02. Repeat sentence
03. Describe image
04. Retell lecture
05. Answer short question

01. Summarize written text
02. Essay

01. Multiple choice question – Choose single option
02. Multiple choice question – Choose multiple option
03. Reorder paragraphs
04. Fill in blanks
05. Fill in blanks – reading and writing

01. Summarize spoken test
02. Multiple choice question – Choose single option
03. Multiple choice question – Choose multiple option
04. Fill in the blanks
05. Highlight correct summary
06. Select missing word
07. Highlight incorrect words
08. Write from dictation

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